Champagne & Nibbles - Sunset & Full Moon - Mt Coolum

Climb to Summit of Mt Coolum for the Sunset and Full Moon

Sunset from Mt Coolum

Have you ever enjoyed the sunset across the range from the summit of Mt Coolum and watched moonbeams over the ocean as the full moon rises whilst enjoying champagne, nibbles and chocolates?

The volcanic dome-shaped Mt Coolum rises 208 metres above sea level on the Sunshine Coast in
Queensland and the summit is accessed by an 1.6km return track that takes you up many steps. Walk through open forest ,woodlands, shrublands, and then low montane heath on the summit where there is a 360 degree view of the coastal area, including Point Cartwright and the Glass House Mountains to the south, the Blackall Range to the west, and Noosa Heads to the north.

21 people gathered at the base of Mt Coolum, feeling excited at being on the summit at night and unsure of what to expect when it was time to descend by the light of the full moon.

With such a big group I asked Sue if she could be our tail-end Charlie to make sure we didn’t lose anybody.

A quick check that everybody had a torch or headlamp that may be needed incase the moon wasn’t bright enough for our descent.

LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN – can we make it to the summit in 20minutes in time for the sunset?

Everybody took off at a great pace until we reached the 100 or so steps in the middle. People started to slow down holding onto trees whilst they got their breath. Off we go again – stand aside as the super fit fitness fanatics came running down the steps.

No more steps so let’s take a breath and have a look at the view before the final climb on rocks and small boulders to the summit.

Is that a dinosaur we see in the distance – Palmersauras Park or maybe we could have a game of golf after at the Palmer Resort!

I found I had a little shadow following me (all of about 6 or 7 years old) and when I stood aside to let her go she looked at me with her big blue eyes and said no – her mum was just behind her. This little fit girl followed me to the summit for the last 5mins and a hi-five was in order when we made it!

Nearly everybody arrived at the summit by 6.25pm so we quickly gathered around and did a head count before heading down a small track to the western side of the mountain to view the sun setting over the Glasshouse Mountains / Blackall Range. Cameras clicking and people lining up for their photo opportunity.

As the sun slowly went behind the range we moved to overlook the ocean and watch the full moon coming out behind the clouds casting a reflection on the water.

Champagne, nibbles and chocolates were shared as we sat on the rocky outcrop with the wind blowing in our hair. People taking in the views around them and enjoying the game of hike and seek the moon played with the clouds.

We descended the mountain by the light of the full moon