Noosa Trail Network hike - why not join this hike for October 2017

Fantastic way to spend the long weekend out in nature hiking national parks, state forest, private property, council parks and road reserves on the Great Noosa Trail for 3 days and camping at Kin Kin and Cooran. Enjoyable company chatting to many different people and hearing their stories and hiking with some of my friends – Carolyn, David, Karin, Cathy, Ngaire, Sally.

We started the 1st day hike of appx 22kms at the beautiful Lake MacDonald before continuing through rainforest and farmland and some road walking.

A welcome sight was the Pop-up Tea house by Eumundi Rotary at about 17km point - a place to rest weary bodies, a break from the hot sun and if needed ‘bail out’ point to catch the shuttle bus.

After a quick cup of tea and sandwiches I was soon on my way for the last 5kms to Shepperson’s Park and then to Kin Kin ready to put up the tent for the night.

A tasty buffet of local fare at the Kin Kin General Store finished off the day.

Day 2 appx 24kms  - started off with a hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon. They told us it will be the hardest day with lots of hills – and yes they got that right!

We followed the trail from Kin Kin to Cooran via Woondum National Park. As we hiked through farmlands the sky was a beautiful blue and the rolling hills very green. I looked up and saw this steep hill and immediately thought hope I don’t lose momentum on the way up and YES just near the top I did so I asked a guy behind me to give me a quick push to help me start off again.

 Rest at the James McKane lookout overlooking Mt Cooroora gave me time to check my foot which was developing a blister - hiked another 5kms to Cooran where we camped at Cooran Recreation Club. Walking past tent city it sounded like snoresville as nearly every second tent someone was snoring – than heavens for earplugs!

After another hearty breakfast on Day 3 hiked 10kms from Cooran to Pomona through the forests of Tuchekoi National Park – gentle and undulating they said – but what about the hills!! Heading up one hill when a dog came straight for me and nearly knocked me over backwards. There was an option to climb Mt Cooroora, before heading into Pomona, however, my blister decided not this time.

Well done to the organisers of this hike who had to coordinate approximately 150 hikers. If you are interested for 2017 then check out: