Twilight Climb Story Bridge, Brisbane

Great adventure for mother / son to share is the twilight climb up to the 80m above sea level summit of the Story Bridge in Brisbane, with the sun setting it is a magical experience not to be missed.

Begins with a safety briefing and summary of the adventure ahead. I am glad I hadn't had a drink to steady my nerves as there was a compulsory breathalyser test.

Climbers cannot take loose objects, including cameras, phones or GoPros, on the Bridge. This is to safeguard against anything falling from the Bridge

We slip into our matching blue and grey climbing uniforms and step out on to the Story Bridge and clip on our safety line and start our ascent up the1136 steps.

The leader provides interesting facts and figures on the Story Bridge including that it is a cantilevered bridge that opened on 6 July 1940 and took five years to construct.

Standing on top of the Story Bridge with my son, Ben surrounded by stunning panoramic views of Brisbane skyline and suburbs, the river and to the south to Mt Barney and to Mt Beerwah in the north.

As the day turns to night, the sunset surrounds the city skyline and the light fades and the city light look like twinkling stars as you descend.

So you have a special memory of your climb the leader will capture photos of you during your climb