Getting fit again

After a week off work with Woman Flu (bad head cold and coughing) it was time to get up early and get this body moving again.

The thought of a beautiful sunrise was my incentive and was I pleased I made the effort.

Feeling very stiff in the right hip as being back at work sitting all day at the computer didn't help. A walk on the beach taking time to enjoy the sunrise and take some photos has made me motivated again.

So many people out exercising with personal trainers, bike riding, pushing babies in prams, walking, running and most people smile and say good morning.

Approaching the steps I normally train on - will I or won't I - no not this morning.   I know that is the wrong attitude!

On the way back Pacific Terrace came into sight - press the button on those lights and cross over and walk up the hill - will be a good stretch for the legs. Yes,  did it!

Will I or won't I go to the gym - quickly get changed into your gear before you change your mind. Arriving at the gym I was pleased  to be back. I had planned to do some stretching and balance exercises but the area was being used for a class so jumped onto the treadmill and then the elliptical. Good workout to get the legs moving and heart rate up.

Sunrise will be calling again in the morning and this time so will those steps!!