Boat Mountain Conservation Park - South Burnett

Camping at the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival I decided to go for a short drive to Boat Mountain Conservation Park. It is located appx 15mins west of Goomeri on the way to Murgon..
Driving along the narrow road I could see the 589m mountain which has a flat-topped ridge shaped like an upturned boat and covered in dry rainforest and open eucalypt woodland.


Arriving at the carpark there is a picnic table and a billboard with details of the mountain and a signpost of the hikes. I checked out the hiking signposts which showed details of 2 lookouts. As I started to head up the many steps (over 150) a family were also making their way up which was good to know someone else was around.


Venturing up the many leaf littered steps to Braithwaites lookout the large rich coloured boulders on the side of the track were covered in lovely lichen. On the way up there is a seat for those who need a rest. Views from here are across surrounding towns and tablelands. After Braithwaites lookout the trail flattens out and in places was bright reddish iron-oxide enriched soil. How peaceful it was walking by myself with only the sound of the birds and my footsteps. Many shadows on the track giving it an eerie feeling.
On the track were dish-shaped depressions made by the black-breasted button-quail as it spins around feeding. On my way back I came across bird feathers - not sure if they were from the button-quail.

IMG_1442 (2).JPG
Followed by a shadow!

Followed by a shadow!


Various views either side on the way to Daniels lookout. Great views from Daniels lookout over Goomeri on the eastern side, and to the northern distance could see  “The Seven Sisters” (hill formations near Ban Ban Springs) and Mt Boogooramunya.

View from Daniels Lookout

View from Daniels Lookout


 If you wanted to make a slightly longer hike I noticed a short side loop on the way back which I didn't take - Silburns Vine Scrub.
An enjoyable walk in a beautiful part of Queensland with so much peace and quiet.