Peters Falls, Conondale Range



After meeting at Charlie Moreland and everybody sorted out for the carpooling we started off on the rutted road to Peters Creek carpark in Funnels Hut Road ready for the hike to Peters Falls.

Perfect weather for the start of our hike on the wide leaf littered Fire Management Trail with a few hill climbs to get the heart pumping.

Lots of trees to climb under and over and an area to negotiate with the help of Tony where there had been a small landslip.

It is a real joy to be out in nature and hear the sounds of the birds singing and sharing the trail with a great group of friends

What is happening up ahead? Nothing much just Carolyn stepping over and Cassandra nearly stepping on our first python snake for the day – it’s head raised having a look at this group in its territory. We had to go around it as it slowly made its way off the track.  We saw another one further on the track and I heard a whisper that Cassandra nearly trod on a brown snake.

After hiking the undulating fire management trail we turned onto the Conondale Range Great Walk track which took us to the Tallowood Walkers camp for a short break before heading to Peters Falls.

Back on the track we came across an old disused logging arch. During the forestry era this was attached to a bulldozer and used to drag logs away for processing.

The signpost showed 1.4km to Peter Falls – WOW! What a beautiful spot – we had this rainforest gem all to ourselves, small trickling waterfall, large rock slabs, rockpools. Hard to leave this very scenic and peaceful place.

It was lovely walking under the shade of the tree ferns that lined the track and crossing over Peters Creek where we continued up the hills and gradually the tree cover started to thin as we arrived closer to Sunday Creek Road where we walked back to our car.